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Online Degree Career Options | Top Online University Reviews

Online Degree Career Options

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Are you concerned about obtaining a career with an online degree? At this point, if you pick an accredited college with online degree our course programs, the degree you earn can be accepted as equally as a degree you earned by attending classes on campus. Additionally, the salary option often are as viable with online degrees as they are with many campus-earned degrees.

Many colleges now offer classes, if not entire degrees, online. So, you can easily maintain a job while you pursue your college degree. Most online courses provide a flexibility and support that rarely is found in on-campus courses. Additionally, you often can take a fast-track option or take longer to obtain that degree depending upon your time and finances.

If you don’t know what you want to study, you can peruse Web sites such as Career Voyages , a site offered by the U.S. government and that provides ideas about the careers that are in the most demand today. The careers on this site are divided by category, so you can decide on careers ranging from advanced manufacturing to transportation.

The Career Voyages site also can provide you with information about the skills and education required for any given career along with information about training and education that is available in your area. The choices range among community colleges, four-year colleges, certifications from trade schools and other options.

Additionally, you can delve into the U.S. Department of Labor’s Career One Stop Web site. This site can help you to explore careers, salaries and benefits, education and traning and learn how to develop your resume and handle interviews. You can study art, medicine, nursing or business administration. You also can pursue a career in architecture, education, environmental studies or food preparation. All these careers and more have found a niche in online degree programs.

For instance, if you live in North Dakota and you want to become a dentist, you can go to the link for North Dakota at Career One Stop and choose “Highest-paying occupations” with “Overall” education level. When you click on “Search,” you’ll learn that dentists are some of the highest-paid employees in that state. If you click on “General, Dentists,” you arrive at a page that will provide information on the career, the wage table, yearly wage chart and other information including the education and training you’ll need for general dentistry.

This information is handy for those who want to begin a career with an online degree. But, this information also is helpful to those student who already have earned an online degree at an accredited institution. For instance, at the bottom of that general dentistry page for North Dakota, you can check all boxes to learn more about this occupation in that state.

You can learn more about state and national trends for general dentistry, the skills you must acquire, the tools and technology you’ll need to know and the education and training you must have for this job. Additionally, this Web site also points to various Web resources that can help you with everything from financing your online college degree to finding a job within your career goals.

The Best Online College Degree Programs

Liberty University
Liberty UniversityAssociate's, Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees. Liberty University was founded in 1971 by Rev. Jerry Falwell and today is the fastest-growing evangelical Christian university in the United States.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan UniversityAssociate's, Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees. Kaplan also offers continuing education, so working professionals can earn professional certificates to advance a career from a highly respected faculty.
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Walden University
Walden UniversityBachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate Degrees. A member of the Laureate International Universities Network, Walden University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Walden's mission is to educate career professionals through online learning to effect positive social change.
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Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon UniversityBachelor's and Master's Degrees. An online Christian university, Grand Canyon was recently rated the #1 online university in the United States by OEDb. Degrees are offered in arts, business, IT, education, healthcare, criminal justice, and more.
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Boston University
Boston UniversityBachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate Degrees. Originally established in 1839 and chartered in 1869, Boston University is one of the leading private research institutions in the United States. BU boasts two primary campuses in the city of Boston, study-abroad programs around the world, and an online education program for distance learners.
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