25 Tips for Students & Teachers Using Google Wave

When Google Wave first burst on the scene in 2009, little information was available to learn how to use this tool. Now, tutorials, resources and tips abound, but a reader must wade through the maze of information to find appropriate tools for teachers and students. We’ve done that work for you with this list of twenty-five tips, ideas and resources that may galvanize educational uses for the Wave. (more…)

Top 50 Blogs for e-Learning Tools and Tips

If you want to learn a new language or if you want to know how that e-learning tool works, you have plenty of online help to reach those goals. The following list of fifty top blogs for e-learning tools and tips concentrate on technologies, resources, business strategies and more for teachers and students. We’ve even included a category that may inspire you to reach even further during 2010. (more…)

25 Essential Google Chrome Tips for Digital Learners

Google Chrome is an interesting Web browser that some are finding quite helpful. It was released last year to much fanfare, and has been gaining some measure of popularity since then. If you are into online and digital learning, and you want to make full use of Google Chrome, it can help to be aware of some of the interesting capabilities of Chrome, and how to tap into them. Here are 25 Google Chrome tips that digital learners can make good use of: (more…)

25 Excellent Social Media Sites for Teachers

Are you a teacher who wants to increase collaboration and skill development to students? Teamwork can increase these skills, as students can learn how to communicate, cooperate and compromise on decisions together. What better way to teach these skills than through social media?


25 Essential iPhone Apps for Lifelong Learners

iPhone applications are becoming increasingly useful, from providing ways for you to track your efforts to pay off debt, to allowing you to write emails and surf the Web. iPhone apps have gone way beyond making light saber noises and playing Sudoku. Do you have a passion for learning? If so, your iPhone can help you be better informed — by keeping vital information at your fingertips. Here are 25 iPhone apps that can help the lifelong learner explore the world: (more…)