Top 50 Blogs for e-Learning Tools and Tips

If you want to learn a new language or if you want to know how that e-learning tool works, you have plenty of online help to reach those goals. The following list of fifty top blogs for e-learning tools and tips concentrate on technologies, resources, business strategies and more for teachers and students. We’ve even included a category that may inspire you to reach even further during 2010.

The following links are listed alphabetically by blog title under each category. We use this method to show that we do not favor one blog over another.

Sharing Technology

  1. Adobe in Technical Communication and eLearning: Learn more about Adobe’s contributions to eLearning and about their updates on new trends.
  2. Assistive Technology: This popular blog focuses on assistive technology, eLearning, mind mapping, collaborative tools and educational technology.
  3. Discovery Through eLearning: This is a collection of thoughts, ideas and information that Tracy Hamilton finds intriguing for herself on elearning tools and technology.
  4. E-Learning Journeys: Julie Lindsay is information technology and e-Learning co-ordinator for the Beijing International School. She shares her ideas in this blog.
  5. EdGalaxy: As a teacher, you may want to stay one step ahead of your students in technological advances. Kevin Cummins can help you do this with the latest in tech, tools, toys, news and lesson plans.
  6. eLearning Technology: Tony Karrer has taught computer science for eleven years, and has been CTO of many startups, including eHarmony. This blog, however, focuses on eLearning tech.
  7. EmergingEdTech: Use this site for Internet and instructional technologies geared toward the classroom.
  8. Free Technology for Teachers: If you need reviews on free technology resources and how teachers can use them, this is the blog you need to read.
  9. Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch: if you want to learn more about educational technology, visit Kathy Schrock and learn from her experiences as the tech administrator for Nauset Public Schools.
  10. Learning with ‘e’s: Steve Wheeler is in the faculty of education at the University of Plymouth, responsible for convening the university’s e-learning research network. He shares his thoughts about learning technology and all things digital on this blog.
  11. Steve Howard’s eLearning ++ Blog: Thoughts, news, observations from a guy working in eLearning and obsessed by technology.
  12. Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero: this blogger has been working with technology in an educational setting for over a decade. Use this blog to pick up on some great technological tips and tools.
  13. The Tech Savvy Educator: Learn everything you want to learn about integrating technology in the classroom with the help of this blog.
  14. TipLine – Gates’ Computer Tips: After over three decades in the education field, Jim Gates now gets to talk about how technology can enhance teaching and learning. Get in on the conversation.
  15. Welcome to NCS-Tech! According to this site, you can’t spell “teach” without “T-E-C-H.” Clever, right? Visit the site to learn more about this school’s progress in e-learning.

Sharing Resources

  1. academeHacK: The goal of this site is to serve as a resource for academics trying to navigate the world of computing and technology. You are welcome to share your ideas here as well.
  2. Around the Miguel Guhlin uses powerful technologies to transform practice and enable learners to communicate and collaborate with each other. He shares his resources on this blog.
  3. Box of Tricks: Every technological tool you can dream up is featured on this site through articles and through actual use as example. You also can find plenty of other tools here through links and resources pages.
  4. Creative Teaching: Grab some creative tips and suggestions from Fascinate-Educate that can make your eLearning and eTeaching fun.
  5. Educational Origami: This is a top notch site for ICT and education, and “resources” is the largest word in the tag cloud.
  6. EDTE.CH: You might think this site goes under technology, but if you follow that link you may learn that this blog offers tech subjects as well as maths maps, creative projects, inspirational ideas and a large resource for writing courses.
  7. Experiencing E-Learning: Use this site as a great reference tool for eLearning, as this blogger provides plenty of linked sites related to eLearning from around the Web on a frequent basis.
  8. Free Resources for Education: These plentiful resources can be used by anyone anytime for studies, work and hobbies.
  9. Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day: Jane Hart is a social learning consultant who offers a daily item of e-learning interest to her readers.
  10. Langwitches Blog: Ah, yes…the magic of learning. Visit this blog often to pick up on new tools, tricks and tips to help make your eLearning experiences more productive.
  11. Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day‚Ķ: Larry Ferlazzo focuses on sharing Web sites that will help you teach ELL, ESL and EFL.
  12. LifeFeast: This entertaining and creative blog is filled with tips and tools to help make your eLearning easier as a student and as a teacher.
  13. Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog: This blog is all about teaching, learning, reflecting and daily picks for eLearning Web tools.
  14. Sharing the Addiction: Suzie Vesper reaches out from New Zealand to help create one eLearning addict at a time with her ideas, tips and tools.
  15. Sue Waters Blog: Sue Waters is the go-to lady for learning about edublogging and Web 2.0 technologies. Her tips, tricks and ideas for teachers and students are both creative and practical. Be sure to visit the other links under her photo in the left column of her home page.

Sharing Business Strategies

  1. Adventures in Corporate Education: Gina develops technical training courses for clients, partners and internal personnel at EMC Corporation. She writes about her experiences as well as about her own stab at distance learning.
  2. Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development: Explore the crossroads of technology and learning with this corporate learning blogger.
  3. Custom Training and eLearning Blog: This CommLab India blog focuses on the latest and most useful issues surrounding corporate training, performance and learning technology.
  4. Kirsten Winkler: Kirsten is a language coach and online education expert with over 7 years of experience in the business, teaching online for about 3 years now. She is an education 2.0 blogger, interviewer and edupreneur.
  5. New Learning Playbook: Follow this blog to track innovations and trends in corporate learning and talent management among corporations, universities and government agencies.
  6. Rapid eLearning Blog: Tom shares practical tips and tricks to help you become a rapid eLearning pro.
  7. Workplace Learning Today: This is a Brandon Hall Research site that pulls together several bloggers who bring a daily summary of news, events, commentary and research on all aspects of workplace learning technologies, talent management, organizational learning and adult education.

The Total Picture

  1. 21st Century Teaching and Learning: Michelle Pacansky-Brock posts thoughts about innovations in higher education. She also is co-owner and educational consultant for Teaching Without Walls.
  2. Angela Maiers: Angela believes that learning is a lifelong journey, so she focuses on teaching teachers how to teach both in the classroom and through online venues.
  3. Billings Beta: This blog catalogs Billings Middle School student experiences with digital tools and discussions around the social, political, environmental & moral impacts of technology. The site is maintained by a Google Certified teacher.
  4. Concrete Classroom: Michael Kaechele is a concrete artist-turned middle school technology teacher. Gain insight and inspiration while you follow him down the yellow brick road to the juxtaposition of Web 2.0 tools and learning.
  5. E-Learning Queen: This popular blog focuses on distance training with special attention on psychological, social and cultural factors.
  6. eLearning Blog Don’t Waste Your Time: David Hopkins started this blog to engage with educators, facilitators, technicians, designers, etc who are interested in eLearning, mLearning, Blackbaord / CMS, simulation-based learning, technology in the classroom, etc. Visit to learn more about the blog title.
  7. elearnspace: This blog explores elearning processes, knowledge management, networks, technology and community.
  8. Janet Clarey: Although this blog is about Janet’s work experiences at Brandon Hall Research, it reaches into all corners of eLearning, including tech, social aspects, instructional design models and much more. She’s totally irreverent and full of tips and ideas.
  9. OLDaily: No eLearning list of tips and tools would be complete without a link to Stephen Downes’ blog. Stephen has covered this topic for years, and provides a clear understanding of many aspects in education, learning technologies, personal learning and the philosophy behind it all.
  10. Open Culture: The resources at this site are plentiful, and the philosophy is spot on. This is one of the best sites around for innovation and technology as well as for inspiration.
  11. Steve Spangler: Steve Spangler is nationally known as a teacher’s teacher who shares his passion for learning in the classroom, on the platform, and through the airwaves. This blog is filled with ideas for learning in all those spaces and more.
  12. Stop Trying to Inspire Me: Cynical? Irreverent? Probably a little of both and more. If you teach, you might be able to relate. If you’re a student, perhaps you’ll be a better one when you learn how difficult you’ve been in the past.
  13. TeachPaperless: If you are a classroom teacher who wants to learn how to merge green thinking with interactive technology, then visit this site to learn about this process.

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