25 Essential iPhone Apps for Lifelong Learners

iPhone applications are becoming increasingly useful, from providing ways for you to track your efforts to pay off debt, to allowing you to write emails and surf the Web. iPhone apps have gone way beyond making light saber noises and playing Sudoku. Do you have a passion for learning? If so, your iPhone can help you be better informed — by keeping vital information at your fingertips. Here are 25 iPhone apps that can help the lifelong learner explore the world:

Literature, Language and Art

576px-iphone_keyboard_unbluredIf you are interested in learning more about literature, foreign languages and art, the iPhone can help you out.

  1. Stanza: Get access to thousands of books and periodicals. You can download books, both paid versions and free versions, to your iPhone and then peruse them at your leisure.
  2. Margins: If you are looking for a way to keep your notes organized, you can do so. This iPhone app is specifically designed for those who take notes in the margins of their books. It makes your thoughts much easier to organize — and find later.
  3. Aristotle’s Complete Works: One of the developers of Western thought is Aristotle. You can get his complete works, fully searchable, for your iPhone.
  4. Art Envi: If you want to learn more about art and artists, this iPhone app can help you out. You have access to thousands of art masterpieces, and you can sort them by genre. Art Envi Deluxe takes things up a notch.
  5. Love Art: This iPhone app is centered around helping you learn about art. You can learn about the lives of great artists, and the stories behind their works. Quizzes are offered to help you gauge how much you have learned.
  6. iTranslate Ultimate: You can translate between English, French, Spanish, German and Italian using this iPhone app.
  7. WordPower Lite: This iPhone app is more of a series. You can use it to practice a number of languages, including Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, and a host of other languages. You receive new words to practice, flashcards, audio and can even record yourself saying the words so that you can get a better idea of how you sound.
  8. 20/20: 20 of the most useful phrase that you can use while traveling — in 20 different languages.

Math and Science

You have the opportunity to learn more about the world around you when you take advantage of iPhone applications centered around math and science. You can even learn about the related subject of medicine.

  1. Science Quiz: Receive different quizzes about a variety of science subjects. Astronomy, anatomy, biology, chemistry, technology and zoology are all included in these quizzes.
  2. Science Fact of the Day: If you are interested in learning something new every day, you can get a daily science fact delivered straight to your iPhone.
  3. EleMints: Learn the Periodic Table of Elements in an interactive manner, with interesting facts about the elements and a fun way to learn.
  4. Math Quizzes for All Ages: Brush up on your math skills, taking quizzes that include basic math concepts on up to more advanced problems and solutions.
  5. Exambusters Chemistry Cards: Flashcards that help with chemistry concepts from Exambusters. Exambusters also offers helpful cards for Trig, Algebra, Physics and Biology.
  6. Star Walk: Learn about the night sky with help from this iPhone app. Find constellations and their names, and learn more about what you see when you look to the stars.
  7. Peterson Field Guide to Backyard Birds: Put this famous field on your iPhone. Includes a search feature that allows you to narrow down birds by your area, and also provides images and information about birds you are likely to see. Also cool: Recordings of bird song.
  8. Human Atlas: See the human body in detail — and 3D. Also included in this iPhone app are common ailments, as well as their treatments.
  9. Medical Exam: A convenient tool that can help you enlarge your knowledge of medicine in 14 categories. It is also a great study aid for taking an actual medical.

Reference Materials

If you want to know something — and you want to know it now — here are some great reference materials that you can access right from your iPhone.

  1. WordBook English Dictionary & Thesaurus: Look up thousands of words and learn their meanings. You can also use the thesaurus to get ideas for replacement words. Pronunciation help is also included in this iPhone app.
  2. Spell Checker: If you are unsure of how to spell a word, simply type it into your iPhone, and find out if you are right. The application corrects misspelled words, and provides alternative ways to spell.
  3. Wikipedia Mobile: Access Wikipedia easily from your iPhone, wherever you go. Wiki Mobile is formatted especially for iPhone, making it easy to use and read on the go.
  4. 15,000 Useful Phrases: Looking for just the right phrase? You can find it with a little help from your iPhone. Extremely helpful for public speakers, writers and conversationalists.
  5. Financial Glossary: Learn what hundreds of financial words mean. Very helpful for those trying to sort out the current mess.
  6. World Proverbs: Access wit and wisdom across cultures and countries with this iPhone app. Learn a little bit about others, and find the right lesson, with a little help. Shaking your iPhone pops up a random proverb.
  7. MedCards: Physicians carry around laminated cards for quick reference. Now you can have that same reference information on your iPhone. While this application could be of great use to doctors, you don’t have to be a doctor to benefit from it.
  8. BibleXpress: For Christians who want to learn more about the Bible, or find passages quickly, BibleXpress can be invaluable. Includes a number of versions of the Bible, from the King James Version to the New Revised Standard Version to the New American Standard Bible to the New Authorized Version of the Bible and more.

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